Anal Sex
A: "Man, today i'm gonna try have anal sex with Samantha"
B: "Wow! good luck with Mordor"
#anal #sex #difficult #lotr #penis
by kakaroto_oto_oto August 16, 2014
A special move in the original Super Smash Bros. only to be performed by Kirby with impeccable timing.

It is able to be stopped if detected early, but this remains top secret.

Kirby's "Mordor" (underground lingo) technique is simply waiting at the edge of a stage while the opponent tries to get back, and then "Up + B"ing them causing a massive spike downward into the depths of Mordor itself.
Some say, "One does not simply walk into Mordor"

Well, apparently those gullible enough to not know how to stop it do.
#kirby #up+b #sexy #dangerous #deadly #sword #spike
by TheRyster February 17, 2009
Another word for Vagina
She had a loose mordor!!
#mordor #vagina #pussy #girl #woman
by Umlor December 06, 2007
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