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Another name for the seemingly endless hellscape that is Los Angeles, California. The term applies best at night. It's smoky, dark, and filled with Orcs.
One does not simply walk into Mordor...
by Tyler Norman November 25, 2006
That God forsaken hill in Ladysmith, British Columbia, Canada. Not to be walked up unless you are an Olympic Athlete, a Himalayan Sherpa, or Guntash. The very reason nobody who lives in the town has a soul.
Dude: Wanna go to school today?

Guy: Mordor!!!

Dude: Good point, lets just get drunk/ stoned.
by Hod February 21, 2009
A big gaping vagina the size of a hallway.
"One does not simply Slip'n'Slide into Mordor!"
by Cait Sith April 12, 2006
Means good, cool, fun, exciting, sick, sweet, sour
Proper mordor that mate
by jam_jar June 21, 2011
A place you don't want to go.
One does not simply waltz into Mordor!
by Barsabus Justus March 20, 2003
When referring to the spot when only in the company of those who know its true name. Mordor is horrible, and should only be visited when you need to be reminded of what rock bottom truly is.
Mick: Hey guys, how about we go to Mordor tonight?

Yorkie: Dude, I don't want to see any orcs, but I'll ride a dragon all night!

*Steve shows up*

Steve: Where are we going tonight?

Everyone who knows: The Spot!
by MrKoi May 15, 2007
A special move in the original Super Smash Bros. only to be performed by Kirby with impeccable timing.

It is able to be stopped if detected early, but this remains top secret.

Kirby's "Mordor" (underground lingo) technique is simply waiting at the edge of a stage while the opponent tries to get back, and then "Up + B"ing them causing a massive spike downward into the depths of Mordor itself.
Some say, "One does not simply walk into Mordor"

Well, apparently those gullible enough to not know how to stop it do.
by TheRyster February 17, 2009