A moose fucker is somebody from Canada.
If you live in canada you are automaticly a Moose Fucker.
by Afterlife(6t9) January 19, 2006
A slur referring to Canadians. It finds its origin in the common practice of the same name in northern Canada. Canadians living by themselves in cabins in the frozen north often grow very lonely during the long winter months. These Canadians then spread their food scraps outside of their cabin. Moose (and other animals) are attracted by the smell of this food, and the Kanuk then proceeds to mount said Moose, often pleasuring himself hundreds of times with the same moose until springtime!
American: Man, Keith is such a moose fucker! I know cabin fever can get bad, but why doesn't he just polish off some alcohol instead?

Canadian: Well, he's originally from Georgia, so he only drinks Southern Comfort. But a Moose's bunghole offers just as much comfort!
by John Christian May 02, 2007
Derogatory term used to describe Canadians

A person living in or from Canada.

One who fucks moose.
When I crossed the northern boarder, the first thing I saw was a moosefucker.
by xmagneticks November 16, 2009
What Sarah Palin is. Have you seen her husband? What would YOU call him? She has sex with this creep. And she is the Queen of Mean, too.
What a moose fucker that Sarah Palin is! Jeez, did anyone with a measurable IQ actually vote for that ditz?
by Caribou Musticle November 03, 2008
A person who is fond of hot man/animal sex with a moose.
Nick is a moosefucker
by Squirrelfucker January 14, 2011
when somebody fucks amoose

uh uuh yes yes harder uh ahhh!
by DaRk AnGeL March 12, 2003
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