Moonies; Noun (muun-nees)

To invite someone over to watch movies with the intention of hooking up with them.
Moonies are most likely held in a smaller more cramped room. It is unusual for the female party to know about the boys intentions.
Sam: I'm inviting a girl over to have Moonies tonight

Bart: What you watching?

Sam: 5 minutes of Step Up, then 2 hours of her
by moonieman69 July 19, 2010
Top Definition
The wolfie's nickname. See 'Remus Lupin'.
Moony, Wormtail, Padfooot, and Prongs-- The Marauders Four!
by Clippy August 30, 2003
The act of showing ones bottom/ass for either attention or insult. Commonly peformed when under the influence of alot of alcohol.
Guy on bus: "This guy was shouting abuse at me from his car, so i gave him a moony".
by Talos August 14, 2005
Followers of Sun Myung Moon. Sometimes this word is seen as derogatory, despite members embracing the name.
Those clean-cut kids selling wind chimes are just some silly Moonies. Don't listen to their anti-Communist propaganda.
by arielBC August 25, 2009
Adjective, also a verb. To be "over the moon" about something. Whether you are brown-nosing a person you respect, obsessing over your crush or just being another lame fan. Even applicable to those cocky enough to be moony over themselves. The key component is that you have to embarass yourself in some way through your starry eyed eagerness.
"I wanted to show up at his work to surprise him, but I thought that would be too moony" OR
"She was so busy mooning over her professor she didn't even realize class was over"
by prettymuliebrity September 12, 2006
An elite spammer and computer hacker who started out on AOL in the mid to late 90s. He is the author of numerous mailers and other spammers that have made thousands for himself and other clients. He runs Moony Labs, LLC. which is a company used for the sale of software as well the advertisement for affiliate networks. He is one of the original members of Digital Gangster. He has also worked for major marketing companies and is known for his abilities to inbox major ESPs using completely white hat methods.
You wish you could hit the inbox like Moony.
Lebron James is to basketball like Moony is to spamming.
by Ryan Eagle June 13, 2012
1. Adjective Used to describe one that is acting like a "School-Girl-In-Love". Typically very annoying. Enamored.

2. Adjective Crazy, Over The Moon, Mentally Unstable.

3. Adjective Of the Moon
1. Girl 1 : Oh my God, he's so hot and nice and sweet and-
Girl 2 : Shut up and stop acting so moony, you sound stupid.

2. Person 1 : *uncontrollable laughter*
Person 2 : . . .!
Person 3 : He's acting all moony again.

3. Those who worship Selene are moony. children of the moon
by Moony-chan October 01, 2010
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