people who make moonshine
teacher: what are you gonna be when u grow up
johnny:a moonshiner:D
by donalddonkey June 05, 2005
Top Definition
to moonshine, to drink alcohol, to do dumb things in random states, to get caught playing Beer Pong or otherwise just be a delinquent nuisance to the respective school administration
Playing Beer Pong on a school sanctioned Model UN Trip and getting caught by an unfortunate misanthrope of a teacher.

Bewildered Moonshiner: What is Beer Pong?
Mr. Allen: I have a house, I have a wife, I don't need this shit.
by final1 February 22, 2006
a bunch of fags who cause trouble on school trips
"who was drinking on the mUN trip?"

"i dunno, a bunch of moonshiners"
by I loveMUN October 15, 2006
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