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a freakish looking person with an abnormally large body part.
did you see paul's huge chin? he is such a moonman!
by ashleyyynelson February 20, 2008
7 20
1. another name used for the trophy given at the MTV Video Music Awards.

2. astronaut
1. and the moonman for worst female video goes to: Ashlee Simpson (all the videos she had made)!!!

2. Neil Amstrong
by GilLaher January 11, 2006
23 25
mix seamon with a glowstick on a girls face to make her glow
i gave that girl a moonman last week and shes still glowing
by pether August 15, 2007
17 21
A Friendly cat-fucker who frequents

We love 'em anyway. :)
God damn it MoonMan, STOP fucking fluffy, her ass is bleeding!
by Spooner July 08, 2003
5 23
Example MEOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Ken17625 September 10, 2003
4 23
The crust that gathers in the eye whilst sleeping is put in your eye by the 'moon man' the crust is called 'the moon mans sand'
Vicki:'You have Sand in you eye from the moon man'
Dan:'Oooh Make a wish'
by The Moon Man January 21, 2007
10 57