A member of the Fraternity of Galaxy.
Garrett is the best Moonie I know, he made galaxy-moonies.com
by Gab16 July 18, 2007
v. moonie, moonies

also known simply as a moon, the action of baring one's buttocks to all and sundry. a more offensive alternative to 'the birdie'. also known as 'showing the brown-eye'.
"the young whipper-snapper emerged from the bush, moonied at the old lady and ran off, leaving her with a look of shock and disgust on her face."
by Andrew Duffy February 12, 2004
A very sleepy dog that sleeps most of the day and snores.
Oh that stupid moonie!
by EMOprincess5 July 24, 2009
1: The bearing of ones backside in a specific direction.
2: Some sort of a crazy cult over in the USA
1: I pulled a moonie at the cricket team's bus!
by Josquius April 14, 2004
a boy who meeds a shave BADLY
moooooon eye have a shave u sexy beast
by poopoobum April 02, 2003
One could say he's the most popular memeber at a message board named Eskimo Haven. Everyone hails down to him while he and his goofy friends like Dart, Magus, CoD, Manny, and Jeff all go on crazy adventures
Moonie don't say true dat again!
by Moonie March 04, 2005
one who thinks he is of the highest stature, but is actually a homosexual pervert that involves himself in such activities as: molestation, poke and tickle with 12 year olds, and a large variety of circle jerks. Moonies are really nothing but michelob drinking cunts that wear polo, croakies, boat shoes, and really high khaki shorts. a straight up bitch.
Subber #1: who the hell is this guy?
Subber #2: I have no clue, I guess he just got back from a boat ride.
Subber #3: Nope its just another moonie.
Subber #1: Is that blood all over his ass?
Subber #2: ya, it must be a moonie.
by Jeff Edwards November 18, 2007

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