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the act of whipping down ones pants and bending over to reveal ones ass cheeks.
SNAP! Yo moms hung a mooner and I saw her fucking snapper!
by bt February 20, 2003
29 13
an individual who regularly exposes his ass in public - expressing a latent homosexual desire for anoreceptivity
I heard Sigmund Freud was a mooner during his medical training
by Chester "Shorty" Cox April 18, 2008
84 8
Someone who believes the moon exists.
That mooner doesn't understand the irony in believing the moon is real but the moon landing is fake.
by NotEric September 06, 2012
2 2
a person who sports a horseshoe haircut. usually in the middle aged sector of society
"thats a fair mooners you've got round that head of yours"
by Rob Nash April 05, 2004
0 1
Graveyard shift lunch. Including meals such as Moonghetti, Moonwich, and Moon Louis.
Its 3 am and I'm starving, I'm going for Mooner.
by Lunarman July 03, 2011
1 4