A small black bug that comes out at night.
by cambridgegal July 12, 2003
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by PHIL32973 July 28, 2008
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they come out at night and make a lot of noise...
"aghhhh, that moon cricket has a bigger cock than me and he's limp."
by jleebeats April 05, 2004
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A magical woodland creature equivalent to a horse, which fairy's ride at night.
When i spotted the fairy, she was riding a moon cricket off into the night.
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a degrading nickname used to piss someone off, not regarding race or ethnicity.
look at dat bitches hair, lookin like a moon cricket
by waltman March 04, 2009
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Derogatory for an Indian (Asian) person. Thought to have come from British Colonial in India, coined by British expats/ colonists.

The British, with a long history of playing the game of cricket, did so in India during the 17th century and beyond. The local Indians seeing this new game became curious. Not to make the colonial masters upset, they would stay up late into the night, and sneak in games of cricket under a full moon.

This became a regular tradition, and soon the Indians were allowed to play during the day. But the term stuck...

Moon Cricket, derived from the Indian slaves sneaking in games of cricket at night.
"Sir, I do believe those bloody Indians are trying to mimick us....they are playing cricket by the light of the moon...Moon Crickets it shall be!!!"
by chris24sj July 30, 2009
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Well i dont know about the rest of you but to me moon cricket is a game, namely cricket that is played after dark, usually on the beach and usually while drunk
It was four a.m. we were all drunk after watching australia flog england in the ashes again so we went down st kilda beach to play some moon cricket
by shane aisbett June 30, 2004
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