A racial slur, or derogatory term usually associated with black people.
Oh my gosh, look out! That mooncricket is about to shoot you!
by DA20 Pilot March 20, 2008
Usually used as a racial slur against black people. I'm told it has to do with the shine off their faces and the continual noise they seem to make. It was a popular term in the American South 100 years or so ago.
I just saw a moon cricket hold-up a liquor store.
by Defcon 4 and waiting June 04, 2010
1: A big dumb nigger with nothing good to ever establish in this world; he/she should be eviscerated and have his/her intestines strewn about like party ribbons.

2: An usher supervisor at Showcase Cinemas who's favorite things to do include: playing air basketball, rapping, talking about his G1, making beats using Fruity Loops, talking non-stop about his beats, scattering garbage barrels all about the theater, and worshiping Jesus Christ.

3: A filthy slave jigaboo who likes to be loud and obnoxious all throughout the night and piss off nice white people while they're trying to sleep or beat off to Brazillian fart porn...not that I do that.

4: An ugly, sweaty, loud, smelly, weird voiced, shitskinned, Alabama Blue Gums, baboon look alike, Donkey Kong Stunt double, basketball playing, nigger who is so dark he can not be seen at midnight unless he is either:
A) Wearing his normal, all white attire but still holds the black power fist as if it were something to be proud of.
B) Smiling with his eyes wide open.
C) If his basketball playing mudsloth friends all jizzed all over his face.

5: A large problem that America has to face for the rest of eternity.

6: Someone who steals bicycles, afro picks, Ludacris CD's, and fat white women all in the same place, at the same time...and that place is Wal Mart.
Marcus: "Ayo Leeroy, how's bout you, me and my nigga Tyrone go watch da inauguration of Barack Obama! Nigga dat shits gon' be fly like dat Soulja Boy song"
Leeroy: "How YEAH! Dawg he gon be da best president we ever had! Shits bein ILL!"
Tyrone: "...Fuck da POlice..."
Tom the white man: "Fucking Moon Crickets, I hate them all and I want to cut them open and bathe in their blood."
Tim the white man: "Yes yes, I would like to run them over with my Charger but then I think to myself, 'Why would I waste the gas?' And I walk away."
by Africasucksmywhitenuts June 27, 2009
Slang for a black person. It has gained popularity on the eastern coast of the United States as it is drastically less offensive than the commonly used “nigger”.

Also used is the less common “Cricket of the Moon”.
White guy greeting black friend: “Whats good, mooncricket?”
by The Emperor of Time and Space January 28, 2012
A nigger that comes out at night to sell crack so that he will eventually go to jail with all the other moon crickets and get fucked in the ass all day everyday dumb NIGGER
the moon cricket just got hit by a car to bad no body cares for those pests any way kinda like roaches ya kill one but theres all ways a thousand more right around the corner fuckin moon crickets
by Matt Mc April 15, 2008
A small black bug that comes out at night.
Another word for nigro,black person,african american
by cambridgegal July 12, 2003
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