A dark colored being that comes out at night. Often sporting a throw-back and tims. May or may not have a lusterous grill. Often seen running from the police or a stray bullet.
The mooncrick in the elevator axed me if I was po' cuz I ain't no shoes.
by Stacy January 11, 2004
A person in the African American race.
One that sits on a porch under the moon by ones self and plays the banjo,while their only audience are crickets playing their chirps.
Jamal is such a MOON CRICKET
by arsn May 24, 2006
A dark entity; Habitat is within a 5 yard radius from front porch. Night visibility is difficult to an untrained eye, special equipment needed.
We bought some delectable cuts of meat from the butcher the other day, seasoned them, and grilled them to perfection- then that moon cricket poured BBQ sauce all over it!

Id like to try pickled pigs feet, but all those moon crickets keep dipping their fingers in the jar...

Somebody tell those moon crickets to stop yelling at the movie screen!

Tell Randy Shannon to stop putting that Moon Cricket in at QB!
by John Rabido October 14, 2008
Term derived from African folk lore, translated loosely to hungry chimp in the night.
Honey please give that moon cricket some change, he looks pathetic.
by sda2007 December 13, 2007
A furry woodland creature that is uneducated, difficult to see at night, and will swipe anything of value for you when you are not looking.
Quick, someone catch that moon cricket!
by jasington May 13, 2010
A slang term used for African Americans. Crickets come out at night and make a-lot of noise.
Damn, did you see how many moon-crickets were at that party?!
by acfahey88 March 05, 2007
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