moon balloon a word which can be used in many terms.. such as "check out those moon balloons" "lets get moon ballooned, and go moon ballooning" "that shit is moon balloon yo" "bro you look pretty moon ballooned" "moon balloon, the moon balloon, while moon ballooning moon balloons" etc...
moon balloon
by marmotman420 August 17, 2011
Top Definition
a woman's breasts. this term was used by Adam Sandler in the film "I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry".
"look at that girl's big old moon balloons".
by mrs. stiteler September 14, 2008
The describtions of rather large mammery glands of the human female.
Look at the Moon balloons on her.
by Teddie2162 September 02, 2008
Breasts, boobs, tits... Whatever you want to call them... At the end of the day, they're fun to play with!
Check out the moonballoons on that bitch!
by P-Tree May 04, 2012
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