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1. The act of bending over, pulling down one's pants and showing an innocent person one's ass.

2. A person who *is* an ass. When in situations where the word a$$ is verboten (eating dinner with older relatives, giving a speech in English class at school, or talking on radio or tv), the word "moon" is an acceptable substitute for "ass".
"OMG, that hottie just mooned us! I'm so stoked"

<insert name here> is acting like a spoiled little girl. He's such a moon!
by Von Man February 05, 2010
1076 146
Other than its use as a noun (our moon) and a verb (to moon someone), 'moon' can be used as a way to say goodbye. It is short for "See you on the moon", a pseudo-common way to say goodbye.
Tim: Alright man, I have to leave.
Eric: Ok, we'll see you.
Tim: Yep, moon.
by Timmy Sanders December 09, 2007
105 78
Somebody who has a perfectly round head
Kieran Allsop=moon
by Andrew Pitcher January 21, 2009
41 34
Slang/Cockney term for the '(JD) Wetherspoon' pub chain.
Cheeky pint at the moons tonight?
by Casanovaaa September 21, 2010
5 2
Verb (informal), used with or without an object: to consider or to think about; to mull

Note: may be used actively or passively.
Jack (to Marie): Are you down in the dumps for what happened?

Marie: Not at all. In fact, I don't want to moon it.
by dajo10 August 17, 2010
10 7
years, used in the bay area aka the yay area
i've known my man devin for many moons
by Sonny Black aka stic boi July 23, 2006
9 7
to welch on a bet
You ever get paid on that bet?

Nah man, I got mooned by that fag.
by sjandb October 21, 2008
21 23
the act of being rediculously pro/good looking at the game of counterstrike
moon be gettin that money, fools a nut.
by anomaWALL April 21, 2009
7 10