a way of saying money
yo homie you got ma monz
by LilJOnWhattt July 30, 2005
Top Definition
really good or of high quality.
Yo my nigga that fried chicken was monz.
by jmonz111 February 04, 2005
This word was created by students from Brunswick School in Greenwich, CT. They use it in two contexts, as seen below:

1. A person who is bad at most activities. Used to describe a person who is for the most part a failure at life. A shortened form of "munson".
2. A suffix to most names that implies the same meaning as the noun form.
1. "Look at that guy! He just fell on his ass because he was combing his hair. What a monz."

2. Guy #1: "Hey look, Grantmonz just got hit in the face with a baseball."
Guy #2: "Ya, he is so bad at everything."
by Trajan174 July 26, 2012
A shorter form of the word Monstrocity. Used to denote something that is unaesthetic, displeasing to the eye.
Watching Flavor Flave mack all those girls on "Flavor of Love" is Monz!
by xxdemigoddessxx November 15, 2006
A specimen who expells urine at unbelievable flow rates that may at times defy the laws of dynamics. That urine usually contains traces of narcotics implying that the host was under the influence of an illegal substance.
Damn that Monz, he pissed all over my jacket!
by thereheis123 February 22, 2011
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