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A city that is past its prime where the best and the brightest have left for Toronto and replaced by naive frogs from the countryside. All that Montreal has going for it is its strip clubs filled with strippers who are not from Montreal:) Please Montrealers, the Habs have not won a cup since the LAST century, since the club started employing only francophone GM's and coaches. It is no longer a dynasty! You can't run an Olympics and you can't even keep a major league baseball team in the city - despite revenue sharing! Sure Montreal is a fun city, but that is all that it will ever be. Like New Orleans, it is a city that exists for the pleasure, gratification and whisms of out-of-towners. If you want success or a better future for your family, move to Toronto or Calgary where people actually work hard. If you are a lazy hippie, welfare bum, crackhead, crackwhore, or ignorant bumpkin frog, then move to Montreal.
Montreal, City, Decay, Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Canada
by Toronto the Great July 06, 2006
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Montreal has French Canadians, and the worst drivers in the world.....enough said.
I Came from Vancouver the best city in the world one day to Montreal rode this carriage through the old part of town(this was actually cool) then I laughed at how stupid the French people are, got pissed off at how Quebec residents honk at red light(if they dont go right through it) went to the airport and back to the rich safe haven city of Vancouver p.s. big mountains rock
by Big K Man March 09, 2006
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