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lots of strippers and cigarettes here. also some comedians.
yo i'm going to club super sex in montreal this summer!
by teevee June 09, 2003
Montreal is a terrifying place where you can hear police cars and burglar alarms going off late at night.

You can't walk even walk down the streets during the day without breathing the toxic air filled with second hand smoke.

Among the population, there are a lot of anglophones who hate everything french and francophones who hate everything english.

Some areas look very pretty.

The metro is hard for new people to understand and people there aren't very helpful in giving you directions.

If you do something wrong in the metro, people will stare at you.

Montreal people aren't usually very nice.

18 year olds from Ontario go there to drink and go to bars since that's the legal drinking age.

They have a lot of sucky malls that don't have any interesting stores.
Montreal = worse than Ottawa
Ottawa = worse than Toronto
Toronto = awsome =-D
by Lovem10101 April 09, 2011
A city that is surprisingly in Canada even though it is is French! They also use Canadian money there!
"They Don't Use Euro's In Montreal."
by Megadeth73 May 28, 2008
A city where your new SUVs and trucks with American licence plates will get stolen in broad daylight by the Russian Mafia, in a parking lot, wile you are in watching you brother's hour long hockey game. Not to mention four other large vehicles in your group, including a 2006 Escalade right out of the hotel parking lot. LoJack and OnStar didn't work at all. ; ) aka: do not bring your nice vehicles to Canada.
The Russian Mafia in Montreal stole my car!
by T.Poss May 11, 2006
A very underrated party city, Montreal has it all. Booze, drugs, strippers, anything you could want. An older teen's alcoholic, drug induced dream (The drinking age is 18, and the law on drugs is awful liberal.) If you live in Maine, New Hampshire, or Vermont, I highly reccomend going to this place if you are on your senior year in high school, and want to go on a "Class trip" This is the place. 6-1/2 hours from Portland Maine, 4 hours and 45 min from North Conway, New Hampshire, and 2-1/2 hours from St. Johnsbury, Vermont.
Also Montreal sells some of the best BC (British Columbia) Weed is imported to Montreal and sold almost anywhere. If you can also afford some good lodging, go to the Hilton Montreal Bonaventure. Less than a mile from the city center, it's where all the fun stuff goes down.
Montreal is full of frenchies and dumbasses, but it's got some of the finest green in the continent!
by Adam B January 18, 2005
Eastern Canadian big city. Worst Chinese food you will ever eat in your life. The weather is extreme to put it bluntly. Winters are brutal. The bus system sucks. There are a lot of really rude people. Move out west!
"Let's order some Chinese food tonight"
"no, i'd rather not, I would rather eat out of the garbage"
"God, Montreal has the worst Chinese food"
by Hated it October 20, 2006
The grossest city ever.
They only wish they were still Canada's number one city.
poor french bastards make the rest of canadian students learn and fail french becasue no one gets thire fucking lanugage..its not even real french.

When I went on a school trip to Montreal we had to cut our shopping trip short becasue the group of creepers on the streat stripping,
by UD10000 November 03, 2007