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impaitent nerd thats extremely sweet and attractive and never boring and has a great personality and does amazing things in bed. hes definately got the magic touch (or wand) ;) a very loving and caring person that ilove with all my heart *kisses*
my bby alex montgomery
by ur sexy lover January 17, 2011
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Montgomery township, NJ is an upper middle class town, located in the wealth belt of NJ. It borders Princeton and some people who live in the portion of town that borders Princeton will often pose and tell everyone they live in "Princeton". This town is rural and posh with several hamlet villages scattered around. The schools here are stellar and rank national as the best around, although many of these wannabee "nuveau riche" still send their kids to private schools in Princeton.

There has been a huge influx of Asians into town, due to the reputation of the school district as well as a fairly large jewish presence. The town is currently 62% white, but with the continued surge of Asians storming in, Montgomery will look like Plainsboro within 10 years.

Considering they say Asians are the "model minority", it sure doesn't seem like white people like them entering their communities en masse. Who know's?

Otherwise an ideal rural suburb of New York city.
Our newly arrived to Montgomery Indian neighbor invited us over for dinner and when we brought pot roast he said we had to eat it in the garage, cold. Apparantly if he warmed it up in the oven, he would have to throw his oven out. He then looked at our daughter like she was a slut because she was wearing knee length shorts.
by corpswhore99 January 25, 2011
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The nosiest person in the work environment. If you know it then he wants to know it even if it does not pertain to him.

Always goes through everyone's boxes and wants to put his man chowder on every girl's face. He has a famous sex move called "The Chief" Often refers to ones self as "The Kid".
Jane Doe: Hey John I was wondering if......

Terry Montgomery: Know what? I may already know!

John Doe: Damn Chief mind your business....
by Man Chowder in the Office March 16, 2013
11 3
An extended period of time.
Nice car! Is that new?" "No, man. I got this a montgomery ago!
by LAChrisPaul November 08, 2010
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A southern black female language arts teacher who cannot fucking teach for her goddamn life. She spends most of the class talking about civil rights even though there is only one black kid in the class of 30. She is also a feminist who says all men want to rape every woman on the planet. Constantly claims White Males are the devil among us. She will always turn any argument into a matter of race and gender. Also has very bad pronunciation. She is unable to make furry, fury, and fiery sound different. She got her Master’s Degree from an internet printout. Doesn't know what irony is, or any literary term for that matter. She is a teacher only because she is black. She takes an entire semester to read half of a 5th grade level book, then makes you start over. Makes you do 3 biographies a month about a dead white guy, a black activist (so she claims), and a feminist who got raped as a child and blames everything bad in her life on men. She makes you do a bunch of useless work you could do in 6th grade but she insists it’s important.

She is the kind of person who makes you stab yourself while in her class.

She is that one teacher who you will remember when you’re about to die as the teacher who made that one period of school a complete living hell.
Man my teachers suck, at least they aren't as bad as Montgomery.
by swiss wrist watch August 18, 2011
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A town otherwise known as MontScumery. A little crappy town in Northeastern, Pennsylvania.
Jim: Where'd you go to school?
Jill: Montgomery!
Jim: -_-
Jill: *Takes off her clothes and rapes Jim*
by a;sidhkjfvlb March 01, 2011
17 21
Moobs, or manboobs. The excessively sized ladylike chest elevations on a man. So named after the golfer Colin Montgomery, who has moobs. Sometimes abbreviated to monties.
Dave: "Bob, when are you going to do something about your moobs?"

Bob: "I know Dave, I am thinking of going under the knife to have my Montgomeries sorted."
by Lee 74 October 27, 2008
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