it is not a school for speds school. in fact, it is a very expensive school. they teach you multiplication tables in kindergarten.
it doesn't get better than that.
9 year old: dude i can't figure out 2 x 2!
5 year old: its for you fricking retard.
9 year old: damn kid where did you go to school
5 year old: montessori school.
by metalcoresmartass September 03, 2009
Top Definition
A place where kids learn a whole lot and actually learn to LOVE school. Many people back away from montessori schools because they're not "structured" enough, but the truth is that these kids learn better in this kind of environment than the kids in catholic school who are told to fold their hands at their desks and be quiet. Not saying all catholic schools are like that, nor am I saying that it's bad, but montessori schools kinda accomplish more with their unique style of learning. They're really expensive, but it's well worth the price.
A: "Ewww I hate school its horrible ew ew ew."

B: "Really? I love school. The people there are nice and the academics are interesting."

A: "You must go to a montessori school, then."

B: "you got it."
by xEmo kittyxx June 03, 2011
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