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Public college that says it has a “diverse" population. It spends way too much money on extra facilities to look nice on the outside while students complain about poor living conditions and everything being overpriced.
I'm a dj at 90.3 wmsc underground radio station at Montclair State University.
by margarita85 March 22, 2007
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Awesome students and horrible teachers and staffing. Unfortunately the president is too obsessed with creating buildings in her image than fixing up the important ones that are falling apart.
Even when given a choice to name a building after the great (and still alive) Stephen Colbert, the university did not realize how this could quite possible help the school look better in the eyes of the students and denied them the right to a fair vote.
Also the school newspaper fights with the SGA by suing them and having the students pay the lawsuits.
It's a great place to become an alcoholic
Montclair State University spends money making shitty buildings and letting the important ones (aka the dorms) fall apart (aka, everything breaks)

Montclair State University bought a drug dog because their previous shitty actions led students to become drug addicts
by Need_A_Real_School April 12, 2009
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The second bigest public school in New Jersey. Known for its commuter students and lack of school spirit, Montclair State University has some of the lamest parties that one can attend. College is what you make of it, but at MSU you'll have to make the most of very little.
Montclair State University sucks, go to a real college.
by Hans Christian Eichman November 06, 2006
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