a second-rate destination for kids who couldn't have afterprom in the hamptons.
mike: where ru guys going for afterprom
dan: we're going to the hamptons. were gonna get mad shitty and hook up with some hot bitches. should be chill. how about you?
mike: eh, my friend's date has a house in montauk, so we're going there. its gonna be pretty lame. not too much alcohol, and all the bids are mad immature and prude.

dan: sorry bro
mike: fuck my life
by capnjack July 02, 2011
Top Definition
the greatest place on Long Island. the beginning, the End. And yes, It's way the fuck out there.

If you can't stand the Hamptons, and uptight assholes, Montauk is the place to go.

Bring beer, a chair, and umbrella, and leave your bullshit at home.
"where you going?"


by terrapin07 August 15, 2006
montauk (in reference to, but not THE mtk, ny)

(vb.) - to put shaft and balls in mouth simultaneously.

Dude, I totally montauked Betty last night. I didn't think her mouth could ever open that wide.
by little guy February 24, 2007
Is some slang term for Montana preppy, stuck up bitches use to confuse others who aren't down with their scandalous pussy ass crew.
"Hey Becky!" "Like, OMG Lizzy! you're going to Montauk tomorrow?!" "Yeah I know, I'm going with Brad. we plan on taking pics of ourselves all dressed up in our gay ass preppy clothes, and send you guys it through myspace!" "Like no way!"
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