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A person who, at times, or always , has the characteristics of someone retarded.
That monster tard chased a parked car alll day long while drooling all over himself.
by Lauren R April 21, 2008
A retard who excells in cretinous behaviour : someone so stupid that other retards shake their heads at their stupidity.
That monstertard just smoked a cigarette backwards...
by Lord Frazer August 07, 2006
A word usually describing a burly man, with forearms that have the same diameter as a sewer pipe. A monstertard's mental capacity is lower than that of the average tard. Monstertards have been known to smash concrete with their bare hands when angered. Avoid eye contact at all costs.
Kyle Henshaw is a such a monstertard.
by pandaman054 January 22, 2011
1. Specifically addressing anyone with a mental condition to what they truly are; monsters.

2. Disgrace to the human race. See nigger.

-Wow will is retarded.

-Don't say the r word! call them what they are.

-You think will is a monstertard?

-What are you doing with that baby by the dumpster?
-Its okay, its a monstertard.

-I have a baby, timmy.
-Why didn't you capitalize his name?
-He's a monstertard, and not a real person.
-Oh! Okay! **High Five**
by Matt Kotecki April 25, 2008
1. An extremely UGE mentally retarded person 2. a black person 3. Kaylee
That is quite a monster tard! YOU FUCKING MONSTER TARD!
by lindsyapaix August 10, 2006
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