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Monorail cat is a popular internet "lolcat" or image macro of a cat laying what is known as "monorail style". This is where the cat will lay with all four paws under his body and head laying on floor. It was so named for its resemblance to the mass transit system, the Monorail. The most comon and most popular monorail cat is a Domestic Longhaired cat laying "monorail style" atop a sliding shower door.
*Monorail cat is offline for maintainance
*a caption to a picture of a sleeping kitten laying "monorail style".
*Monorail cat has left the station
*a caption to a picture of a monorail cat driving away.
*Hurry please, monorail cat is coming!
*a caption to a picture of a cat tied up as if to be tied to train tracks.
*Monorail cat now carries more passengers.
*a caption to a picture of a fat cat laying "monorail style"
#monorail cat #monorailcat #monorail #catloaf #cat loaf
by melissa*f March 31, 2008
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