To fool around. (non-sexually)
seen in Red Vs Blue 53
"While we're sitting here just jabbering the Reds are over there monkeying about!"
by Hollicide March 30, 2005
Top Definition
To do unproductive things in the backseat of a warthog while others are listening to the radio.

As seen on Red vs Blue, episode 53
"I think it's important to get proper credit when some of us are working hard discovering distress signals on the Warthog's radio, while others are hanging out in the back seat, monkeying about!"
by cheeser March 28, 2005
v, screwing around; waisting time; being off-task
"Stop monkeying about back there and get back to work!" said the angry boss.
by Garrett Wilkerson March 31, 2005
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