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The effect created by a female wearing a bra that is too tight for her, thus generating the effect of four bosums.
Blimey, look at the monkey tits on her!
by Jaffa_cake April 24, 2007
20 15
An insult aimed at someone with less than average IQ, coolness factor, or Bodily Odor (in this case, more than average). Can also be used in place of a forgotten name.
Hey monkey tits, take a shower! You smell like a bag of smashed assholes.

Hey.... uh... Monkey Tits, get me a fucking beer before I hit you with a jizz rocket.
by the_guy January 13, 2005
54 26
Elongated breasts with unusually large, dark areolas. See National Geographic.
While watching vintage, 70s porn, "Nice monkeytits."
by Chimay January 15, 2004
26 15
Another name for the breasts on a black female.
Look at Beyonce Knowles. Check out the monkey tits on that bitch!
by Cletis VanDam March 14, 2008
41 35
1)The hairy aroeola of a japanese monkey.
2)An unshaven Woman with bigger problems than her crabs.
"That girl u woke up with has a really big ass Monkey tit!"
by Jason (aka) STUB July 20, 2004
0 4