A thick white substance created by a monkey during the process of ejaculation.
Oh my this monkey spunk tastes bad!
Did you see where i left my monkey spunk?
by Edwina Mustafa Poo May 10, 2008
Top Definition
monkeys sperm
i couldn't give a flying monkeys spunk
by Anonymous April 23, 2003
A cream colored oil used to clean and preserve metal gun parts.
slap a little of that there monkey spunk on my barrel, would ya there Brucey.
by militia_maniac May 27, 2004
The discharge following monkey masturbation
You covered me in monkeyspunk you masturbating monkey
by Figit February 26, 2003
Term of endearment for a friend
"How's it going monkeyspunk?"
by MikeCamelFucker May 07, 2007
To look so discraceful that you resemble the spunk of a monkey.
For fuck's sake, you look like some monkey spunk from the end of a monkey's penis!
by Pubert Tongue April 29, 2006
Used as a tame expletive as opposed to f@ck or sh@t.
Oh monkey spunk!!! What a load of monkey spunk!!! You dumb monkey spunk!!! etc
by Simon Parke-Davis November 21, 2003
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