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this is for women

you get your man to lay on the bed with a hard on, u then run at door, u grab on to it and fling yourself off it, and you try and land on your partners cock, very pleasurable if you can get it right, the swinging off the door is where the monkey comes from
person1: i gave my partner a monkey fuck last night
person2: wtf
person1: you don't know what it means
person1: (explains it to her)
person2: cool, i might try it
by DJ SPYKERZ(SCOUSED OUT) July 06, 2009
8 24
v. to light a cigarette with one that is already burning. (I take issue with the other definition because it does not use the phrase verbally)
Sheila monkey fucked my cigarette.
by Shabba December 17, 2004
351 129
Lighting a cigarette from an already lit bud
Hey baby, bring that cigarette closer over here so we can monkeyfuck
by Bungalow Bill March 04, 2003
93 32
to light a cigarette with another cigarette.
say, let me get a monkey fuck off your cigarette.
by e caskey March 24, 2003
130 73
When you light one cigarette off another cigarette.
Shit dude, my lighters dead... Mind if I get a monkey fuck?
by Jason Mark Smith November 27, 2007
84 36
To light your cigarette (smoke) from another persons cigarette - usually from a close friend or family member. This is only carried out when a lighter is not immediately available.
Sharon I need to Monkey Fuck your smoke as I can't find the lighter.
by lochon October 25, 2009
47 28
Using someones lit cigarette to light yours. Cigarette must be in person's mouth while lighting.
I can't find my lighter, Can I monkeyfuck you?
by KnapiLife December 13, 2011
11 5
same as clusterfuck. a big mess caused by too many people doing a task and getting in eachother's way.
Look at all these people pushing to get out the fireescape. What a monkeyfuck!
by wordguy September 28, 2012
4 7