It is a small monkey. Taken as a racial slang, it means a small black person, aka black child. Also see niglet
Oh look at that cute monket on the street. We should go feed it
by urbanm dicktionary January 11, 2008
Top Definition
n.- Cross between a monkey and a ferret, consisting of a monkey-like body and a ferret-like head.
Babe, you looked like a monket and it scared me more than a little.
by Queen of the World June 24, 2005
1. A small monk and/or monkey
2. An exclamaion
1. "I'm going to see the chorus of monkets at the tiny church today"
2. "Ow, monket! I stubbed my toe"
by Simon November 14, 2004
1) A monkey like creature with no legs and a mullet.

2) Can be used in a sentence to replace any noun.
1) Holy hell that monket has a camero mullet!

2) I am going to beat my monket tonight.
by Steve November 17, 2003
a monkey-like creature with no legs.
Oh no! That monket is about to steal our parsnip plantation!
by acous July 17, 2003
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