Shes so amazing. Shes so sexy. She has the greatest eyes, and the most beautiful smile. Shes the best kisser, too. her personality is to die for. Shes one in a million.
I bet you wish Monique was Your girlfriend
by MoDeRnWaRfaRe August 13, 2011
A traditional name for a very beautiful young lady. Sporting an amazing personality. Monique is a fantastic person to be around and in the company of. Only the luckiest guy ever gets to be in the presence of Monique. The best kind of girl for relationships. She IS a HUGE F-L-I-R-T. Everyone still loves her to death. Exceppt her haters, who noone really cares about.
Who is that she's beautiful.... oh thts Monique :)
by Monique :D June 21, 2011
An AWESOME girl.

you can describe some one that is awesome by saying their so monique. (=
" that chick is soo monique!"
by ieezsooperawzumninja(= February 07, 2010
- she can fit in to any group but will not be very close if she's not committed.
- she can dance, draw and great in music
- Mostly a good singer but very self-concious
- Doesn't like to speak in front for formal presentation
- Likes to play sport and she's not terrible

- good at dodgeball
- she can be a little boyish but can be girly any time although that would make her uncomfortable.
- Very honest for most things but doesn't say anythign if the truth is not very pleasing.
- she can be very hardworking if she wants to although her normal effort is good enough.
- very creative but doesn't like betrayals.
- if she's part of the group, she probably the "super defensive girl" hero type if someone tries to hurt her friends.
- she can be mysterious sometimes and she likes to be alone most of the time to think about things she's working on.
no example :P for monique
by QWERTY789 November 25, 2012
A girl who everyone can't help but love. She tries her best to please everyone, and to be the best person she could be. She's extremely likable with her weird sense of humor and love of having fun with her friends. Nobody has a bad thing to say about her because she cares about people so much. She makes the guys go wild because of how pretty and genuine she is, and she cares a lot about everyone. You couldn't ask for a better friend.
by Banana Cream Pie October 01, 2013
The most amazing person in the world. Long, dark blonde, naturally wavy hair. Goes by the nick name 'Moe'. Loves soccer and animals. Obsessed with the colour yellow. Is the best friend you could ever have. Is extremely photogenic and always looks amazing. If you're upset about anything you know you can go to her and she will cheer you up. You cry together, laugh together and slap each other constantly in the friendliest way. If you are ever worried about telling her something, and think she will over react, don't be because she is very understanding and would never do anything to hurt you purposely. If you have a Monique as a friend, keep her close because you are extremely lucky.
See that girl jumping in the yellow flowers? She must be a Monique.

Have you seen Moe today? She's so pretty!
by maddi123 May 07, 2011
monique she's the best friend you could ever have. She has the best personality and always willing to give someone a second chance, shes so hot and has the best boobs! I love her so much and never wanna lose her <3 but has a pancake ass but dosen't matter shes beautiful just the way she is! :)
omg did you see that monique chick her boobs are amazing!
by nicoleee smithhh September 25, 2011
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