Monica is a girl that is very athletic, and is very kind. She is the most perfect girl. She is tall, has a great body, fit, smart, athletic and pretty. All the girls wanna be her, and all the guys want her. But one more thing that makes her perfect is that she stays true to herself and stays reserved. She is humble, yet confident. But tries to reject all compliments, yet she is flattered. Monicas are just an awesome friend that will never leave you by your side, and will always have your back. She will treat you more than a best friend, like a sister or a brother. And if you fall in love with her, you're lucky. She has beautiful hair, beautiful skin, and pretty features. Monicas are just perfect.
Friend 1: "Hey, so I heard you and Monica are seeing"
Friend 2: "Yeah, I know. I'm so lucky! I love her so much."

Friend 1: "Hang on to her, she's a keeper."
by fetc June 22, 2013
Monica is a character in the hit nbc sitcom 'friends' Monica is an obsessive cleaner, loves winning and being competitive and likes to make sure that everytihng is generally in order.
Lucy: Jo stop cleaning, you're turning into a Monica!
by lualua November 03, 2005
She's a beauty😱, you can never go wrong with a Monica. She's gorgeous and flawless😌. She makes you feel good about yourself☺️, she's also the nicest person u will ever meet, a Monica is a perfection, never let go of her🐢. If you meet a Monca, your a lucky person😳.
i love you your such a Monica!
by Chaiyse February 23, 2015
'My Nigga' but for white people so they don't feel guilty
-Hey, i just went to starbucks and got you a mocha frappe, interested?

--- monica.
by Dante_ck September 08, 2014
An all-around awesome girl. She's cute, fun, funny, and a very cool fangirl. She loves music, especially The Last Sleepless City. She's the best friend a guy can ask for!
Ex. Hey, Monica, wanna hang out?
by Huhuhuhuhu October 26, 2014
The politically correct way to say My N!@#$
Yo Monica
by Kpsmoove March 06, 2014
My nigga
My mothafuckin nigga
by ShareBear November 18, 2014

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