Monica; The most amazing, smart, cool, funny, and beautiful girl on the planet. She is perfect. Her boyfriend thinks the world of her and is beyond happy to be with her.

-It was love at first sight with Monica and her boyfriend. Ever since the first time they met he was hers. He is beyond lucky to have her and wouldn't give her up for anything... Monica and Her boyfriend will most likely get married someday, but only if he gets super lucky.

He loves her more then anything, and he hopes she feels the same way about him.
"Woah... That girl is almost as perfect as Monica! I wish I were the lucky guy dating her..." - everyone
by aSavior September 15, 2011
You feel as if you don't deserve her she is so special and your scared of losing her. She is someone that you could spend the rest of your life with. She is the love of my life and even if the world ended today everything would be fine because you got to feel her soft lips against yours and you got to here her soft voice wisper I love you in your ear. She is more than anyone could ask for, she is the light in my day, the happiness that rests in my soul and the love in my heart. She is the only one that can make your beat slower and faster at the same time. She will never see what I see but I think she is gorgeous and when you see the love in her beautiful brown eyes you can't help but to stare deep into her eyes and tell her how much she means to you. You are my world your my everything and I love you with all my heart. I love you boo forever and always
You are lucky to have such an amazing girl like Monica.
by Cowbutt October 09, 2011
Usually used to refer to women with sex appeal. They have the ability to attract men and on some occasions, pedophiles. Monica's are known to have laughs that can send a man ejacuating. Monicas often appear to be silent and withdrawn.
Man: That woman over there, totally a Monica.
by G.H. Limeto August 06, 2011
Commonly a name. A hot sexy beast on the outside but the sweetest, kindest, most gental, and funniest girl on the inside that you'll ever meet! She will alway be truthful to you never leave you out! Even though all of the boys want her she keeps her head above water.
"I want to be a Monica!"

"oh! shes totally a Monica!"
"That girl is being such a Monica!"
by monstr truk luvr October 26, 2012
a very fun crazzy person to be around !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! really awsome trustworthy friend/cousin!! beautiful and really AMAZING ! :)
do you see that really funny girl over there.


she is sooooo definatly a Monica!!!!!!
by jo jo Brennen October 26, 2011
A awesome girl, who I always there to make people happy.
Her smile is like the sunshine on a rainy day
Great girlfriend awesome friend.
Monica is always smiling when its raining. It always feel's like summer when Monica is here.
by yolo girl May 17, 2013
Someone who is called Monica is a beautiful girl who isn't selfish at all. She sticks to the things that she believes in no matter what. She is talented & smart and sort of knows it. (If she has brother or sister) .. Sometimes argues with them and shouts at them so much, but ends up saying sorry and giving them hugs. If your name is Monica, remember that one little detail about your body doesn't change who you are! Monica is someone who you can trust with anything!
"You knoe that Monica girl, she's baree peng!"

"Alie fam."
by AcertainpersonBLAD!!!!!!!! June 29, 2012
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