The most beautiful woman created by Angels. She makes everyone in the room disappear when she walks in, and if you're ever lucky enough to kiss her, you know that she's the one and you won't let her go. Be careful when you fall for her because there's no falling out of love with this girl. every night before you go to bed, wish that she'll be your's in the morning. and every time you wake up, wish that she'll never let you go.
Monica, Will you marry me?

love, Peter
by Eros_123 January 19, 2012
When something bad happens to her, she has a pokerface/smile on the outside but inside, she's hurting.
Guy: Monica is so crazily amazing. She's just perfect. I'm addicted to her.
by i love monica March 02, 2011
Words can't describe how lucky you are to meet her. She is perfect in everyway, every little thing she does makes you happy. She is incredibly gorgeous has the most amazing personality of anyone I have ever meet. She has a big heart and is always kind and thoughtful. The thought of losing her would be devastating she is someone you want in your life forever.
I am the luckiest guy in the world because I have Monica in my life.
by Zacharyn22 September 21, 2011
Most AMAZING and beautiful girl ever im sure her boyfriend is extremely happy with her and wouldnt trade her for the entire world someday he will marry her no doubt in his mind this is a girl whose beautiful inside and out whose so sweet and cute that you fall for her in a heartbeat its love at first site with this girl she will redefine love for you shes the best thing any man in the entire world could ever ask for you will learn so much from her and yurr anniversary should be November 2nd itll be your lucky day this girl is usually all smiles and nothin but love usually refers to her boyfriends as googly-bear
That girl is soooo AMAZING her name has to be Monica.
by Tyler-Tot February 20, 2011
Crazy crazy crazy! One of the most unforgettable ppl you'll meet. Not your girl next door... Perfect mix of brains and beauty. Does whatever she wants..Independant type of chick. Tough exterior but a sweetie on the inside. SEXY AS HELL
Person 1: Whose that amazing sexy intelligent girl?
Person 2: A Monica, obviously
by chromecuhlaz3346 July 07, 2011
The best person you will ever meet in your life. She is amazing, intelligent, beautiful, and your future dictator.
I wish I was a Monica.
by THEONEANDONLY38129 October 01, 2011
1. Italian: from a feminine form of Monico.
2. Spanish Mónica: from the female personal name Monica, the name of the mother of St. Augustine. She was a Carthaginian, so the name may well be of Phoenician origin. However, in the early Middle Ages, it was taken to be a derivative of Latin monere ‘to warn or advise’, and was associated with the spiritual guidance that she gave to her famous son.
I love Monica
by Meng Li July 10, 2008

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