A beautiful enigma with a Puerto-Rican vibe, who's ghetto one day, and classy the next.

She's smart, funny, and is racially confused. Doesn't know if she's black, white, or Hispanic sometimes. But, compensates for that with her random Puerto-Rican pride. She's also a very awesome person and there is no way you CAN'T love Monica.
Dude: Sup, homie.

Monica: Yo, where you at?

Dude: Chillin' with Labron, how about chu?

Monica: Hanging out with my gurls at club Le's Ho

Dude: For real. Aye, you Puerto-Ricans are FINE

Monica: Why you categorizing me? RUDE!

Dude: You gotta be. You got dat body.


Dude: Peace.
by tokitokitotokito December 02, 2011
Top Definition
the sexiest woman on the planet. never see her without peeing your pants. cant help but pop one when you look at her. always laughing and has a smile that makes you poop your pants. but you gotta love her :D
DAMN!!!! look at that sexy monica over there. she is the sexiest woman on the planet. never see her without peeing your pants. cant help but pop one when you look at her. always laughing and has a smile that makes you poop your pants. but you gotta love her :D
by Urban Dictionary February 23, 2008
1.if you say it slow enough it sounds like 'mah nigga'
2. you can use it to greet your fellow black people
"yo whats up monica?"
by tara.l. January 05, 2008
An awesome girl! that´s always listening to music and wishing to find her dream boy..
unpredictable, likes to do crazy things , out of this world girl, she is the best girlfriend a boy can ask 4. has a messy hair that makes her look smoking HOT!
dude #1:look at her she´s always sitting there day dreaming.
dude #2 : yeah that´s monica..i wish i´m the one she´s day dreaming of!
1. noun. Name for a strong, highly intelligent and witty woman who has indescribable yet magnetic sex appeal. Often appears bookish, hides an intensity that once displayed, draws you like a moth to the flame. Loyal and trustworthy friend. Most frequently has hypnotic eyes and a great smile that is used to laugh at life.
by wordsmithy7 February 04, 2010
Monica is the coolest person you will ever meet. She is that awesome girl every guy wants but only one very lucky one finds himself with. She plays guitar, piano, and her voice melts the heart. Monica also plays video games, dances, and is skilled with Asian weapons. A lover of animals and nature she respects the earth and makes it a better place with each day. Monica can best be described as a smarticle. Someone who is mature and has her head on her shoulders yet can be adorable at the same time. This girl is every guys dream. She can always make you laugh and smile no matter how down you are. Monica is beautiful. She blesses the eyes of anyone that looks at her gorgeous face. When she looks at you with those big brown eyes it turns you to jelly and lights up your face like a firework. She is a girl that has been through many hardships that have made her into an incredibly strong person. She is someone that gives out more love than you could imagine. Loyalty and compassion find a home in her big heart. Monica always encourages you to follow your heart and brings out the best in everyone. She is the one that gives you that push you need to become great. Always knowing what to say she makes you feel like you are good enough to do anything. You can tell her anything and she will never judge you. Monica is that girl you could never expect was out there, but by a miracle she found herself here to spread happiness and provide an example of a great person. Monica is amazing.
Gage: I don't think I can do it.
Monica: Yes you can. I know your going to change the world.

Gage: I love you.
Monica: I love you more.
by Gixis April 23, 2011
Most amazing Person In the world. Really weird, funny, energetic. and HOT
Avi: I love you so much monica. marry me.
by Marie Spears August 10, 2009
A name derived from the latin language meaning "A wise councilor"
Also a Catholic Saint.
Hello my name is Monica. I am named after Saint Monica.

by Moniminikita April 13, 2008
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