people who work for banks, credit card co.s insurances or any place where a lot of money is being scamed from people.
these people have devoted there life to greed and worship of money.
those money fuckers just layed another fee on me.
by Deep blue 2012 August 15, 2009
One who does something only for money without any care for anything, similar to a bitch and a slut, and it can also mean lust, which in this definition means how much of a big showoff the idiot is with his or her money
50 cent is a bitch flashin his money in his music, I Get Money
Straight to the Bank, Piggy Bank, he's such a Money Fucker

Hey im Paris Hilton and I want to tell everyone how rich I am, and can do anything I want because I almost got away from prison because im such a Money Fucker
by Ignoranus September 05, 2007
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