It is when you are fucking a girl doggy style and you get a dollar bill, shoot a load on it, and then pour some chloroform on it and rub it in the girls face so she passes out in your own load.

Ambien or Nyquil can be used as substitutes
Yo last night i just gave my girl the money shot baby
by Shtofdick October 21, 2008
1: To have incredible aim. The ability to get shots most others can not. A marksman with deadly accuracy.

2: Also one of the great CounterStrike Players, Money$hot, know for his deadly aim, and accuracy.
WOA! that's a MoneyShot, he capped that guy as he was running.
by J.R.McDowell May 09, 2005
1. to embarass someone publicly

2. to have sex, then pull out and give the man juice via face
I was walking on the street and i saw this hot bitch so i proceeded to give her a moneyshot.

I woke up early so i had enough time to give one of my many bitches a slimy money shot (via face)

good good
by Sean September 28, 2004
When a glistening brown man takes a basketball in the last few seconds of the game and says, "Hey guys, this here is the money shot."
The glistening brown man took the basketball in the last few seconds of the game and said, "Hey guys, this here is the money shot."
by domingo benito juarez April 24, 2005

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