The last bit of seminal secretions by the male onto the female partner, in which lands in the eye and stings.
"After busting all in her hair and mouth, I finshed her off with a money shot"
by KingdomCum January 23, 2003
When a male is doing a person doggy style and slaps the person in the back of the head and cums in there face right when they turn around.
I was fucking this girl in the ass and was about to cum so i gave her the money shot!
by Charlie B.93 July 30, 2008
From the latin root shootnutonherface, this phrase means to blow your load all over some bitches face, preferably Jimmie Broschinski
"Justin, I nailed Jimmie last night and I gave her the money shot right in her eye" said Ron Douglas.
by Stephen N April 04, 2005
Bling! Bling! The woman is blinded by the ray of light (or white i might add).

Note: Often used as men's bragging rights.
Person: Yo Bitch check out my moneyshot. Lay back
Bitch: Okay.
Person: No Bitch, you didn't hear me. Lay back i got mad distance.
by Wangsta December 26, 2003
term used to describe when a male pulls his penis out of a womans mouth and ejaculates in the womans mouth during foreplay or sexuall activity.which normally drips over the eye.
i gave her a moneyshot straight in the eye.
by ratman September 02, 2003
when you jizz, climax, or orgasm or when cum shoots out your you know what ( penis)
"Suck it bitch, Suck it Bitch, ooh yea here it comes, ahhh money shot."

Did you see that dude doing her from behing? Ya and the money shot went all over her back.

by Markus Barrera April 24, 2006
Big time victory, or clutch move/manuever
The Declaration of Independence is more commonly known as the moneyshot for the thirteen colonies.
by Rob from SJU January 31, 2005

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