When a bowl, blunt or joint of marijuana is cashed and someone tries to hit it, but all they get is cashed marijuana in their mouth, they have received a money shot. Also popularly called "weedback," similar to feedback.
Damn, I just got a nasty ass money shot. Pack another bowl.

Dude, all I got was weedback. Roll another b-legit.
by stu pidaso June 16, 2004
male ejaculation in an adult film. adult film stars use to get paid by the number of times they ejaculated, hence "money" and the "shot" speaks for itself.
10,000 moneyshots in one session will make you a rich man.
by taylor homestead January 03, 2004
to ejaculate over a womans breasts or face
see that mandy the money shot i gaave her last was unbelievable.it must have been at least half a pint
by ginger April 07, 2003
During sex when you are doing a girl in the rectum you take your penis out and spit on her back then whens he turns around ejaculate in her face
Man: Oh shit im going to cum on your back

Girl: *MOAN*

Man: (Spits on back)

Girl: Oh ya that was good im going to shower (turns around)

Man: (Cums in her face)


by kfitz June 02, 2007
When a man cums on a girl, such as on her face or breasts.
I love it when my guy gives me a money shot on my back!
by Ellen February 02, 2005
ejaculation of a man into a womans eye
it was the best tittie fucking session ever, so i couldnt settle for the pearl necklace, i had to give her the money shot
by joce November 08, 2002
from the Latin root "shootnutonherface", this term means to blow your load all over a female's face, including eyes, nose, and hopefully in her hair.
"Justin, I gave Jimmie the money shot last night and it gave her an eye infection!" said Bill Hardy.
by Stephen N April 06, 2005

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