moment of male climax in a pornographic film.
every drama has a money shot. zoom in for the money shot!
by munch 'ems May 23, 2001
Picture of gooch containing butt and balls
Luke "you send a picture"

Bob "ya, sent her the ole money shot, she wasn't happy"

Luke "who would be?"
by n231 January 06, 2010
Alcoholic beverage shot that is made of vanilla vodka, milk and Baileys Irish Creme
Hey bartender, can I get a money shot??
by Nanerpuss February 21, 2009
plain and simple: cumming on someone's FACE
i gave her the money shot man!
by sillysally April 26, 2006
When during sex the man teases the woman by putting only the head of his penis in her vagina and going in and out only 1 to 2 inches for several seconds to a minute and then without warning, SLAMMING the length of his penis into her, giving her indescribable pleasure. Although the woman will come to recognize the beginning of the act in future encounters, she will never know when her man is going to pound her.
I can't believe you've never given your girl the money shot!! Do it, she'll love it.
by The Fond du Lac Treat April 01, 2006
When a bowl, blunt or joint of marijuana is cashed and someone tries to hit it, but all they get is cashed marijuana in their mouth, they have received a money shot. Also popularly called "weedback," similar to feedback.
Damn, I just got a nasty ass money shot. Pack another bowl.

Dude, all I got was weedback. Roll another b-legit.
by stu pidaso June 16, 2004
male ejaculation in an adult film. adult film stars use to get paid by the number of times they ejaculated, hence "money" and the "shot" speaks for itself.
10,000 moneyshots in one session will make you a rich man.
by taylor homestead January 03, 2004

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