The money shot is derived from the pornographic film industry. When the main actor is unable to ejaculate a second steps in with the sole purpose of ejaculating on the woman (this is why you so often see very little of the man in the final shot, so you can't tell its a different actor.)
Called the money shot because the second actor traditionally gets half the money for doing very little
That was a fierce money shot Steve, well done lad
When a female is in the nude and bends over and you see the ass and vagina from behind.
Wow, she bent over, grabbed her ankles, and gave me a money shot!
by Infinite360 December 20, 2009
When fucking a girl in one hole while there's some cash sticking out of another.
Dude, I was doing this chick doggy style and she screamed for a money shot. So I opened my wallet, stuffed a few Butt Benjamins in her, and brought new meaning to blowing my wad!
by KrazyKiser September 10, 2009
When a person is giving a blow job and the penis shoots semen into their eye. This causes the eye to swell for it to appear as if the person was poked in the eye.
Kelby came home last night with a money shot to her eye!
by VaJayJay24 May 03, 2009
An ejaculation especially where bystanders can observe the spew but an ejaculation none the less.
Gina's husband couldn't deliver the money shot anymore and that was reason enough for her to take a lover.

When I watch porn I like to time my ejaculation to the money shot.
by RobbieJor February 22, 2005
Ejaculation for the sake of visual appeal, rather than physical appeal, usually onto one's sexual partner, and especially as part of videotaped sex. The implication is that such a visually appealing shot will generate monetary profit for the video in question that it wouldn't have otherwise had without it.
"Here comes the money shot. Get ready."
the cinematic spectacle of male ejaculation (usually onto the female) whereby female desire and plesure is represented as existing solely for male orgasm; the visual representation of male ejaculation in which female desire does not exist for the woman as an individual, rather, as desiring male orgasm.
she heaved and moaned in pleasure as he ejaculated onto her hand.
by d.e.b. July 12, 2004

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