In a porn flic, the one that earns the star her (occasionally his) large fee--the ugly or disgusting or degrading stuff that pays so well. In more general (and more anodyne) usage, any really important point, the point not to be overlooked.
The money shot in the prospectus is the paragraph where they admit they will never make any money.
by Buce June 30, 2005
When a female is in the nude and bends over and you see the ass and vagina from behind.
Wow, she bent over, grabbed her ankles, and gave me a money shot!
by Infinite360 December 20, 2009
When fucking a girl in one hole while there's some cash sticking out of another.
Dude, I was doing this chick doggy style and she screamed for a money shot. So I opened my wallet, stuffed a few Butt Benjamins in her, and brought new meaning to blowing my wad!
by KrazyKiser September 10, 2009
moment of male climax in a pornographic film.
every drama has a money shot. zoom in for the money shot!
by munch 'ems May 23, 2001
Picture of gooch containing butt and balls
Luke "you send a picture"

Bob "ya, sent her the ole money shot, she wasn't happy"

Luke "who would be?"
by n231 January 06, 2010
When a person is giving a blow job and the penis shoots semen into their eye. This causes the eye to swell for it to appear as if the person was poked in the eye.
Kelby came home last night with a money shot to her eye!
by VaJayJay24 May 03, 2009
Alcoholic beverage shot that is made of vanilla vodka, milk and Baileys Irish Creme
Hey bartender, can I get a money shot??
by Nanerpuss February 21, 2009

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