Picture of gooch containing butt and balls
Luke "you send a picture"

Bob "ya, sent her the ole money shot, she wasn't happy"

Luke "who would be?"
by n231 January 06, 2010
the money shot is just another name for cumshot.
The best money shot I've seen in a porno is when the guy came over the girl's face.
by W0RDSMYth August 01, 2008
Alcoholic beverage shot that is made of vanilla vodka, milk and Baileys Irish Creme
Hey bartender, can I get a money shot??
by Nanerpuss February 21, 2009
The money shot is derived from the pornographic film industry. When the main actor is unable to ejaculate a second steps in with the sole purpose of ejaculating on the woman (this is why you so often see very little of the man in the final shot, so you can't tell its a different actor.)
Called the money shot because the second actor traditionally gets half the money for doing very little
That was a fierce money shot Steve, well done lad
when a man is about to ejaculate, whether it be during a sexual act or masturbation, and aims the sperm to shoot on the females chest and/or face.
Man: Oh shit, i'm about to nut, I'm gonna give you money shot aight?

Girl: Whhhaaat's a mon---- ahhhh!! whhaaa!!

Man: ejaculates all over her uppper body

Girl: you fuckin asshole, you better clean this shit off

Man: fuck off you twat, i'm gonna call you a cab now.
by Paulie Walnuts a.k.a. Intrigue January 02, 2006
An ejaculation especially where bystanders can observe the spew but an ejaculation none the less.
Gina's husband couldn't deliver the money shot anymore and that was reason enough for her to take a lover.

When I watch porn I like to time my ejaculation to the money shot.
by RobbieJor February 22, 2005
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