This term is often used to describe a pinnacle moment in an event or the best course of action. It doesn't have to be used in a sexual context.
After hours in a tough meeting, they find the perfect conclusion:

Tom, that's the money shot right there.
by Ed November 28, 2004
when a film teacher sprays himself when being excited over a very well framed shot.
(woman is slapped by man at an airport terminal from the short film "Not Without my Child")

Alan: Now THATS the money shot!
by mmcdonald92 February 01, 2011
1.Ejaculation over a woman's breasts or face.
2.In a series of pictures, the one with the most sexual content is referred to as the "money shot".
"Dumb guy: I've been searching for hours for pics of Jessica Alba's ass"
"Pervert: Have you seen Into the Blue? There's the money shot!"
by youlookadopted December 29, 2007
Male ejaculation in pornographic film demonstrating orgasm.
John pulled out and did his money shot on Mary's pubes.
by Marion April 12, 2003
An exclamation to be pronounced loudly on the basketball court whenever someone makes a 3-point shot.
"That's the money shot! It was even better than the facial I gave him when I dunked on his bitch ass."
by cash cow February 23, 2005
In a porn flic, the one that earns the star her (occasionally his) large fee--the ugly or disgusting or degrading stuff that pays so well. In more general (and more anodyne) usage, any really important point, the point not to be overlooked.
The money shot in the prospectus is the paragraph where they admit they will never make any money.
by Buce June 30, 2005
the cinematic spectacle of male ejaculation (usually onto the female) whereby female desire and plesure is represented as existing solely for male orgasm; the visual representation of male ejaculation in which female desire does not exist for the woman as an individual, rather, as desiring male orgasm.
she heaved and moaned in pleasure as he ejaculated onto her hand.
by d.e.b. July 12, 2004
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