That green stuff in your pocket, that god gave you
Fucking Green Shit, Not Weed.
by xXBlazerXx January 01, 2004
yet again...rapper talk! Another way of reffering to a person as a jolly greeting or refering to a cool object
'Yo money!' or 'Wicked money!'
by %---{viru$}---% December 16, 2003
something i wish i had
i need money so i can buy myself disgusting amounts of weed
by weedislife August 14, 2009
something in a guys pants that is about 6 inches long, has a head on it, and women like to blow it
I'm money hungry.
by Alyssa Pangallo February 28, 2009
1. Marketable 2. To request attention. 3. Something that is really expensive; and thus, people tend to believe that it is superior.
Single guy says to single friend (both wanting to get laid) "Your money, how can they say no."
by Jarvis January 18, 2004
'Money ' is a famous song by the rock band Pink Floyd. It's from their most successful album, Dark side of the moon.
Pink Floyd's 'Money' is a helluva good song!
by whoareyou July 08, 2003
Something that nobody seems to have.
Joe: Hello Bill, do you have any money?
Bill: No, what's that?
Joe: I don't know. I was trying to find out from you!
by ETDragon March 06, 2013

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