1. Another name for a type of currency or medium of exchange for goods and/or services.

2. A slang term referring to a male, generally of the negro race. Similiar to calling a person playa or homie.
How much money does that hooker cost?

Sup Money.
by WissMan March 06, 2003
Another name for Cum; when ass fucking your girl, and when you Cum on her face you give them "money" and then you watch her lick the rest of your "money" off your dick
gimme your money babe
by ILOVEMETAL December 15, 2007
1. currency
2. high quality
3. well-endowed (male or female)
1. Damn, that girl is so rich! She has so much money and she just paid cash for a new house!

2. My watch is so money. It's a designer watch made in Switzerland.

3. Hey, honey. I'm money, if you know what I mean. Want to party tonight?
by The Money Girl July 03, 2006
Adverb: Meaning to be cool; attractive; sexy. Expression first appeared in the movie "Swingers"
You are so money and you don't even know it!
by bum-bum October 27, 2005
So utterly cool that one is immune to misfortune.
Man, Vince Vaughn is money!!
by Diane the BITCH July 09, 2005
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