money is currency
i bought chinese food with money
by rad man March 27, 2003
Slang for someones name you dont know, you call them money
Yo money, turn dat shit down!
by FlyAway July 21, 2011
Human version of quatloos.
Money shouldn't exist.
by SHiNKiROU September 08, 2010
A standard, nonviolent means of exchange.
It is a better alternative to bartering, through which values are relative. It also keeps exchange away from the point of a gun.
Money is a means to almost any end. Therefore, it itself cannot be the root of evil, but it cannot be the root of good either.
In the United States, money is represented by the American Dollar ($).
by Hank Reardon July 29, 2010
1. Something of very high quality or excellence.

2. A token used to buy goods and make life a little easier.

If you're "money" you've got it made.
Maria's outfit is so money.

Bob scored 10 goals in a row? That's money.

Amy's boyfriend gave her all that Money.
by jibomb February 02, 2010
the cum from a guyz dick
she gat ma money all over her face
by zafsira November 02, 2009
she/he is hott! a dimepiece.
Stephen: ay bro, check out this pic of my girl..

Jason: money!!
by carolinabobina March 26, 2008
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