1) (slang) Cool, good

2) What owns you
The opportunities to make money in America are great and a young man with only fair ability, but an honest purpose, will always get something to do; and if he is industrious and ready for hard work, if he possess courage and perseverance, he will most surely go forward and probably in time become independent. There are hundreds of millionaires and multi-millionaires in America who, in their younger days, were as poor as sparrows in a snowstorm, but through perseverance, combined with industrious and economical habits they have prospered far beyond their own expectations. The clever methods they adopt in the carrying on of their business cannot but arouse our admiration, and Chinese merchants would do well to send some of their sons to America to study the various systems practised there.

The pursuit of wealth in America is intense; it is apparent everywhere and seems to be the chief aim of the American people. Because of their eagerness to become rich as soon as possible they are all in a constant hurry.  You may see people in the streets almost running to their offices, at luncheon they do not masticate their food, they bolt it, and in less than ten minutes are on their way back to their office again.  Everyone is urged on by this spirit of haste, and you frequently hear of sudden deaths which doctors attribute to heart failure, or some other malady, but which I suspect are caused by the continual restless hurry and worry. People who are so unnaturally eager to get rich naturally suffer for it.

It is the general belief that Americans do not live as long as Europeans. They make money easily and their expectations are high. I have known many Americans who, in my opinion, were wealthy people, but they themselves did not think so; in fact, they said they were poor. Once I asked a gentleman, who was known to be worth half a million of gold dollars, whether it was not time for him to retire. He pooh-poohed the idea and said that he could not afford to give up his work. In reply to my inquiries he informed me that he would not call a man wealthy unless he should be possessed of one or two millions of dollars. With such extravagant ideas, it is no wonder that Americans work so hard. I grant that a man's mission in this world is to attain happiness. According to Webster, happiness is "that state of being which is attended with enjoyment," but it is curious to observe what different notions people have as to what happiness is. I know an Englishman in China who by his skilful business management, combined with good luck, has amassed immense wealth; in fact, he is considered the richest man in the port where he resides. He is a bachelor, over seventy years old, and leads a very simple life. But he still goes to his office every day, and toils as if he had to work for a living.  Being told that he should discontinue his drudgery, as at his death he would have to leave his large fortune to relatives who would probably squander it, he gave an answer which is characteristic of the man.  "I love," he said, "accumulating dollars and bank notes, and my enjoyment is in counting them; if my relatives who will inherit my fortune, take as much pleasure in spending it as I have had in making it, they will be quite welcome to their joy." Not many people, I fancy, will agree with the old bachelor's view of life. I once suggested to a multi-millionaire of New York that it was time for him to retire from active work, leaving his sons to carry on his business. He told me that he would be unhappy without work and that he enjoyed the demands his business made on him each day.

-- America Through the Spectacles of an Oriental Diplomat
by 678934 May 29, 2004
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Paper and coinage that can be used to exchange for goods and services. More of it equals power and chicks.
"My money got me a wife honey."
by CrazyMike February 10, 2003
The root of all evil.
Money; Cant live with it, cant live without it.
by *Dee* June 06, 2006
Of unusually high quality; very good; excellent: this wine is money;

Majestic; imposing: michael jordon is money.

Rich; luxurious: your apartment is money.
I banged Monique last night.

Damn, she is a hottie! How was it?

It was soooo money.
by nick May 09, 2005
slang: 1a) A person possessing an outstanding personality quality, social skill, physical appearance, or any exceptional ability or skill that makes them stand out.; 1b) To be the best at something; 1c) Skilled to the level of being as good as currency.
You're so money, and you dont even know it. (origin "Swingers" Miramax 1996)
by Rick VH May 27, 2003
An awesome song by Pink Floyd
The song "Money" is on Dark Side of the Moon
by A Floydian January 09, 2004
The biggest reason for stress in most marriages and the number one cause of divorce in the United States.
Without money in which to pay the bills, Susie & Bobby are forced to file for bankruptcy.
by Loxi July 22, 2009
It's not just excellent. It's reliably excellent. You wouldn't use it to describe a fluke. You use it to imply that the person who did the excellent thing possesses the skill or character to be able to do it again and again. When the line is spoken "you're so money" in Swingers, it's an expression of confidence in 'Money's ability to deliver. It comes from "money in the bank." You can rely on him, so your bet is as good as money in the bank.

Think about it, guys.
Urban youth 1: What a fluke! I won the lottery today. I am so money.

Urban youth 2: No, you're not, because you've never won it before and you'll never win it again. If this was your second lotto win, you could then say 'I am so money.'

Urban youth 2: You have educated me. I can always count on you, dude. You're money.
by redhen April 27, 2007
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