slang termonology for legal tender or better yet a federal reserve note that comes in bill and coin form. the value of a countrys currency depends on social and economic events taking place at the current time. also known as greenbacks, axe heads, whale teeth, dinero, cash, dough, bread, cheddar, the bacon etc.
get to the corner and make me some money bitch!
by coochiecrook503 September 06, 2003
A way to get humans to perform constructive (or sometimes destructive)tasks.
I used a whole lot of money to get that man to fix my house, but the same amount of money was used to persuade that man to break into Zale's and steal those diamonds for me.
by Gopi D. January 02, 2004
That green stuff in your pocket, that god gave you
Fucking Green Shit, Not Weed.
by xXBlazerXx January 01, 2004
yet again...rapper talk! Another way of reffering to a person as a jolly greeting or refering to a cool object
'Yo money!' or 'Wicked money!'
by %---{viru$}---% December 16, 2003
The only thing you cannot buy.
- I thought you couldn't buy love?
- Yes you can, I love money.
by zacon November 29, 2003
n. Currency that can be exchanged for goods or services.
n. A word yelled by a shooter after he makes a difficult shot in basketball.
adj. Adjective describing something as excellent or extraordinary. Sometimes used in combination with the word cash (circa 1996.)
1. Pay me the money you owe for the drinks on your tab.
2. Immediately following a made fade-away three MONEY!!
3. Dude, this weed is money.
(in 1996) Dude, this shit is cash-money!
by Someguy98989 March 05, 2009
something in a guys pants that is about 6 inches long, has a head on it, and women like to blow it
I'm money hungry.
by Alyssa Pangallo February 28, 2009
a word to describe something that is completely sweet or awesome. or you can be really sick at something and be "money" at that thing. similar to diesel
Chris: Yo shit man my new car is so money.


Katelynn: Did you see that money catch i made during the lacrosse game?
Laura: Yeah it was sooo money.
by i'm a beast at life October 19, 2005

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