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slang termonology for legal tender or better yet a federal reserve note that comes in bill and coin form. the value of a countrys currency depends on social and economic events taking place at the current time. also known as greenbacks, axe heads, whale teeth, dinero, cash, dough, bread, cheddar, the bacon etc.
get to the corner and make me some money bitch!
by coochiecrook503 September 06, 2003
The only thing very hardly ever refused by anyone.
John: Here is proof of fifty thousand dollars buried beneath these shark infested waters.
Rex: We have to find a way of dealing with these sharks so we can get to the money.
John: Ok. here is plan A. We will...
by Nartey April 12, 2007
money is a gift card to everywhere
"Aww man, I dont have a gift card for this store"

"Dont worry, I have some money!"
by shortbusrider July 15, 2005
What I don't have.
Suzie cannot buy that Spiderman t-shirt because she has no money.
by Long John Silver II January 18, 2009
Currency in the form of paper or metal. Sometimes a few pieces of this paper can be worth more than your life.
They say money can't buy happiness... IT DAMN WELL HELPS THOUGH.
by Asddsasd January 29, 2009
The little peices of paper and earth that control all of mankind. It is ironic that we are slaves to trees and rocks.
God probably created the world just to earn a little money from his drinking buddy Ronald Reagan.
by leftside365 February 16, 2006
Plural slang of money..
"gimmi some moneys" "could you spot me some moneys" "gimmi all yo moneys"
by Sterhelio July 27, 2004
this is some slang words that some people down ere in the big LDN use to describe diferent amounts of money.
yo man i earned a ton for a days work yesterday.
thats pretty good money man.
by money maker May 25, 2006