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A 'money zombie' is a person who exists and lusts for 'money' --- they are severely intellectually stunted and emotionally dead.

A 'money zombie' is a person who only predominantly considers society from economic and monetary perspectives, and they lack empathy.

A 'money zombie' is so cognitively impaired that they cannot meaningfully appreciate society from emotional, natural, physical or any other perspectives, and they always need more money and more stuff to exist --- they are not content unless they are earning, profiting or consuming. They will never experience or know true happiness, love or joy.

A 'money zombie' always need more MONEY and more STUFF, and if this greed drive ever stopped, they might actually come back to real life.
1) Today was Black Friday Sale Day in the USA, and the 'money zombies' were out in full force; and, they actually killed a Wal-mart employee.
2) You can go to Wal-mart and observe the 'money zombies' who are stuffing their faces and carts, with stuff they don't need using credit.
3) 'Money zombies' have existed since 'money' --- "Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing." (early 1900's quote)
4) If the 'money zombies' numbers keep growing there may be an economic zombie apocalypse.
by GlennyJ November 30, 2013