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someone who loves money and goes to the extremes to get it
John was called a money whore for drinking a bottle of hot sauce for $20
by asdf124sc September 02, 2008
Someone who associates his/herself with others because of their financial status.
Suzie married a man who's 30 years older. She's such a money whore.
by mlm97b December 22, 2004
An athlete, actor, musician or person in general who only does what they do to make money.
Have you seen that actor in the new summer blockbuster? He has no passion or anything. It's obvious he is a money whore.
by albatoss November 29, 2011
A Way to describe someone who Cares A lot about Money
This is Usually Said in a Jokely Manor

Can me used to be mean
he owns you money and hes spending it at the shop therefor he is a money whore
by UrbanDefinitionsbro March 09, 2015
Hey can I borrow some money?

No..Im broke, Get your dude to give you some money.
He already did.
by iamthepie July 06, 2012
A stupid bitch or gay man that loves you for the green bills and that credit card
I caught a money whore trying to use my friend to buy her fucking stupid shit!!!
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