someone or something you hate with an extreme prejudice.
I hate that Fucker Tom, he's such a fuckin' Monday
by R U N? October 25, 2004
Creative and ofeensive slang term used to describe an African-American person.
a) 'Man, I hate black people.'

b) 'Yeah, everybody hates Mondays.'
by dbree801 March 22, 2010
another word for niggas because nobody likes mondays
you fuckin monday
i fuckin hate mondays
by #johnD**** February 07, 2008
Nigger or black person,

The kind of black people that are jumping around like monkeys, and always yelling and giving a bad reputation for everyone but them
Everybody hates mondays, not just the day those black people who are acting all tough and saying the word "nigga" every two seconds
by The BAMF!!!!!! October 20, 2010
Yet another term to define African-American people. Far, far less offensive than the "N" word and can be used much more dicreetly.
Holy shit this bar is filled with Monday's!! Let's get the fuck out of here.

Park City,UT has got to have the least amount Monday's per square mile
by Mr. Richard Smoker March 24, 2008
A term for black people because no one likes Mondays
"Fucking Mondays, the worst thing God ever created"
by Matticus Prime August 09, 2007
the word you shout out when you want the first hit.
followed by the rest of your group with the name of the rest of the days of the week
dude 1:i call mondays.
dude 2: tuesdays
and so on
by NorwalkAfternoon February 13, 2009
A word white people use in the place of nigger. Originated in Boston. The reason blacks are called Monday is because "No one likes Mondays".
"I hate Mondays'" or "Everyone should hate Mondays'"
by Timothy Weedle February 12, 2008

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