The biggest waste, of exactly one seventh of your life.
oh crap, tomorrow is MONDAY!!!
by Eric Gardner November 27, 2007
a derogatory term for a black person.
Racist: Look at those lazy mondays.
Guy: What?
Racist: Those fuckin mondays over there.
Guy: Wtf is a monday?
Racist: A nigger.
Guy: Why do you call them mondays?
Racist: Cause everyone hates mondays...
by powersurge September 17, 2012
The worst day of the week, statistics show that more suicides are committed on Monday than any other day of the week. Basically a hangover to the weekend, you will always feel at least 10x more tired on Monday than any other day.
Person 1: "You seem miserable"
Person 2: "It's Monday, what do you expect?!"
Person 1: "Touché"
by MrJonesAndMe April 23, 2012
the day that EVERYONE officially hates. especially because it starts the work and school week.
"god i hate going to bed on a sunday, becuase i know that i have to get up for stupid monday mornings."
by MLIAlover20 December 30, 2011
The perfect day for a B.J
Friend1: "So what are you up to tomorrow?"
Friend2: "Well seeing as its a Monday i might invite my B.F round for a B.J"
by Had to be done. August 02, 2011
the day of the week you look forward to the most because you get to spend it with a woman you are completely in love with. she is usually one of a kind and the most beautiful woman you've ever known. most people hate mondays because it's the first day of the work week. for some very fortunate people, it's a day you can forget about all your troubles and and hold your baby in your arms
friend: "damn i wish it wasn't sunday, i have to work tomorrow"

you: "haha, sucks for you! Monday's are! I'll be with my baby"
by 3265 March 22, 2011
(1) Hittin the bowl first- Being the first to smoke the weed!
Joey, it's your weed, so you can have mondays.
by Schriar July 16, 2006
A derogatory name for a black person.

links the universal hatred of the day "Monday" with the black population.
Often used in large, either formal or predominantly black social settings by other ethnic groups, as to avoid serious altercations.
Craig, "Man, I hate Mondays"

Mike, "Yeah me too look at his big lips and jerry curl, btw what are you doing tonight , it's saturday?"

"That fucking Monday just stole my bike"

"This city is infested with Mondays"

Tommy, "hey guys come over and watch Monday night football"
Jim, "No thanks I hate Mondays, I see enough of them on the bus"
by theultimatelinguist October 08, 2012

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