The reason Sunday's suck.
Monday...rarely are they worth noting.
by Jakabones August 12, 2006
(1) Hittin the bowl first- Being the first to smoke the weed!
Joey, it's your weed, so you can have mondays.
by Schriar July 16, 2006
(University setting) the first time a class will meet next week, whether or not that is actually Monday.
Monday we will begin reviewing for our test.
by Dictionary Nerd June 05, 2009
A derogatory name for a black person.

links the universal hatred of the day "Monday" with the black population.
Often used in large, either formal or predominantly black social settings by other ethnic groups, as to avoid serious altercations.
Craig, "Man, I hate Mondays"

Mike, "Yeah me too look at his big lips and jerry curl, btw what are you doing tonight , it's saturday?"

"That fucking Monday just stole my bike"

"This city is infested with Mondays"

Tommy, "hey guys come over and watch Monday night football"
Jim, "No thanks I hate Mondays, I see enough of them on the bus"
by theultimatelinguist October 08, 2012
Means whatever you want it to mean, also depends in what context you say it in
1:your a waste-man
2:Wow, i beg you stop acting like a 'monday'

1:Check your mum bruv
2:OMG your a butterz little 'monday'

2:Just 'monday'
by Scille September 19, 2008
Creative and ofeensive slang term used to describe an African-American person.
a) 'Man, I hate black people.'

b) 'Yeah, everybody hates Mondays.'
by dbree801 March 22, 2010
another word for niggas because nobody likes mondays
you fuckin monday
i fuckin hate mondays
by #johnD**** February 07, 2008
a synonym for pakis and other western asian types, such as the turks, the indians, afgans and all them other smelly cunts
fletch: i fucking hate mondays
taxi driver: yeh me too, ballache init
fletch: yeh they fucking stink, everywhere you fucking look theres one there with there beady little eyes, and smelly turbans

ghandi: if theres a monday infront of me in the queue, i cant help but feel i should be infront of them.
by swellhead1118 July 14, 2010

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